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What makes an entrepreneur? Our PRIME work lifts the lid

The Guild’s newest Committee considers policy and research into mindsets of entrepreneurs. Called PRIME it is a think-tank that builds on the Guild’s broad talent base along with external stakeholders, to deliver papers and analysis that assists in the accurate representation of entrepreneurship at regional and national levels.

This year has seen them publish three papers.

In the first it posed the question “Is the City of London Entrepreneur Friendly?”

Overall it concluded that entrepreneurs recognise the City as a place where they can flourish. That said, there was a feeling expressed that the Corporation could do more.

CLICK HERE for the report detail

In its second report it looked at one of the oldest and perhaps most fundamental adages in the City “My word is my bond” and asked if this is still true. Trust, both explicit and implied underscores much of what drives the City’s reputation. So what did the report conclude? Perhaps not unsurprisingly, entrepreneurs who create and innovate, rated trust highly and generally believe the its worthiness across the City still prevails. There were some gaps though.

CLICK HERE to find out which sector in particular stood out as falling short…

Finally, in its third and final report of 2018 it tried to get to the core DNA of an entrepreneur and asked “Education in Entrepreneurship – A Help or a Hindrance?”.

With an overarching majority amongst voting entrepreneurs that they are born not made, it should come as no shock that whilst academia is seen as an important foundation, gaining specific business qualifications are seen as less vital, with a large minority questioning whether it made any difference at all.

This particular report is probably PRIME’s most detailed quantitative analysis thus far.

CLICK HERE to read the analysis.

We would like to thank PRIME’s Chair Judith Donovan CBE and her team for their hard work and we look forward to gaining many more invaluable insights in 2019.


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