Want to mentor some of the best business school students in the world?

As part of their MBA programme London Business School aka LBS run the Entrepreneurship Summer School where those students who want to set up a business can explore their idea during the summer holidays. The emphasis is very much on the practical and Jeff Skinner who runs the course is looking for more seasoned Freemen entrepreneur mentors from the Guild to be part of it. If you have done it before and want to again, please email Freeman James Talbot and he will coordinate with LBS.

It is a commitment of no more than 10 hours or so over 8 weeks from mid July.

To help you understand what is involved we have arranged a webinar on 15th April at 5.30pm (BST) which you can register to be part of by clicking here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing joining instructions.

During the webinar Jeff will go through the logistics and what is required. Freeman Jonathan Webb will then say a bit about how it worked for him and what he gained from it, he’ll also bringing along an ex mentee to say what they has gained from his mentorship.

It is a great experience and an opportunity to work with intelligent and enthusiastic MBA students plus the added kudos of working with LBS. This all for a commitment of less than 10 hours over the summer holiday period.

We look forward to you joining us on 15th!

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