URGENT HELP Required – Whisky Advertising Campaign 23/03/2020

Cherryduck Productions, owned by Guild Freeman James Vellacott is looking for alcohol (Whisky) tasters… no connoisseurs, to attend an on location shoot, somewhere in London, for a print and social media campaign. You may like alcohol or you may not, it doesn’t really matter.

The real deal for the Guild is that Cherryduck are willing to make a donation to our Charitable Trust of £150 for each person who is chosen to take part. Up to 40 people are required, throughout the day and into the evening if needed.

Would you be willing to help out in return for such a donation?

Then get in touch with Freeman and Cherryduck Director Simon Fordham by emailing him here as soon as possible, given the short timescale involved.

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