UK Defence Academy and the Guild of Entrepreneurs create the Entrepreneurs’ Prize

The Guild of Entrepreneurs has been formally affiliated with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom since 2017, and ties between the two organisations continue to grow. The Guild’s 4th Master, Mr Lee Robertson, hosted his Master’s Weekend at the Defence Academy in 2018 and Freemen Entrepreneurs have been involved closely in the Strategic Business Programme at the Academy.

This relationship is now deepening further through the Entrepreneurs’ Prize. Recognising the best entrepreneur within the Academy, faculty heads are currently putting forward their most innovative and entrepreneurial candidates to the Guild’s Awards Committee for consideration. Once the Committee makes its decision, the inaugural prize will be awarded at the Academy’s base in Shrivenham in March 2020. The winner then being invited to be our guest at next year’s Summer Banquet.

Speaking of the award and the Guild’s involvement, a spokesperson for the Academy said: “As the Defence Academy undergoes a programme of transformation, the accord with the Guild of Entrepreneurs has been developing on many levels.  The recent announcement that they will be choosing a candidate from across the seven Faculties to be awarded the inaugural Best Entrepreneurs’ award will both recognise and reward our staff, our most prized asset. Each faculty will choose their best Entrepreneur and then the names together with the citations will be forwarded to the Guild for them reach a judgement as to whom best fits the criteria for the award. The presentation of the award in early 2020 will be a demonstration of the importance of our relationship. The Defence Academy is hugely grateful to the Master, the Clerk and the committee for their hard work and commitment to our partnership and specifically in identifying the worthy winner of this award.”‎


Note to Editors
The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom develops “the intellectual edge for success on operations and leadership in government”, and is an internationally-recognised leader in military innovation, technology and skills. Key business skills are at the centre of many of the Academy’s programmes, and, to further and develop these skills, the Guild of Entrepreneurs and the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom agreed an affiliation in December 2016. This was signed into effect by an Article of Affiliation at the Spring Lunch on Tuesday 28th March 2017 –

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