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The September Court Dinner 2017


The dinner that follows the September Court is noted for its conviviality and cheerfulness, and the 2017 September Court Dinner, held in the Walbrook Room of the London Capital Club on Thursday 21st September, was no exception. It is always the last Guild dinner hosted by the incumbent Master, and generous poetic licence was extended to Ms Kate Jolly as she addressed the assembled Freemen and guests.


The Master, with her customary hospitality offered a renewed welcome to her dining companions on the top table – the Guild’s four newest Freemen, Robin Baker, Adam Beaumont, Spirit de la Mare and Tim Metson – though with an exhortation for them to volunteer for Committee duties before they were press-ganged! Honourable mention went to Freeman de la Mare who was already working diligently with the Communications Committee on the 2017 Magazine.


The Master’s words were warmly received, touching as they did on the verve and vision of the Foundation Master, Alderman Sir Paul Judge. Sir Paul’s untimely death, and that of his successor (the Guild’s Founder, Dan Doherty), have made their mark on the Guild’s short history, but the Master’s pride in the achievements of the Entrepreneurs, and her enthusiasm for the future, were evident and roundly applauded.


In a ranging speech that left no good deed unpunished, the Master turned her formidable talent for verse squarely on her fellow Officers. Mischief abounded, and not even the Junior Warden Elect (Court Assistant Lars Andersen), nor the Clerk, escaped a little light teasing.


Her concluding toasts were to enjoin Freemen to celebrate the doughty unsung heroes of the Guild – numerous hard-working members of Court and Committees – who, together with the Clerk, were implementing the Guild’s objectives and building the foundations of future success.


Dinner concluded with an impromptu response by the Middle Warden, who rose on behalf of the Guild to thank the Master for her gracious governance (and ready wit). To resounding applause, the Master led the Freemen and guests to a stirrup cup in the Club’s beautiful Members’ Bar, and expectation is high for the concluding weeks of this Guild Year and beyond.


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