The Master – An Announcement

Dan Doherty, The Master Entrepreneur, died peacefully on the evening of Wednesday 16th March.

Dan had been diagnosed with a serious medical condition in October 2015, shortly before he was installed as the Guild’s second Master. He had been, as he had requested, on a leave of absence to receive treatment since his Installation in November.

In his last days, as throughout his illness, the Master was attended by his husband Neil Fullbrook and visited by many of his family and friends. He died knowing that he was loved and admired by all those whose lives he touched, including the Freemen and Officers of the Guild.

Dan was pivotal in the founding of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and a project to commemorate his work is underway. His funeral will take place in Rayleigh, Essex on Monday 4th April, and a memorial service will take place at All Hallows’ by the Tower on Friday 22nd April.

All queries should be directed to the Clerk’s Office.

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