Judy Hadden was admitted as a Founder Freeman Entrepreneur in 2015, and elected as a Court Assistant the following year and chaired the Guild’s Outreach Committee (which manages the Guild’s busy programme of practical work with fledging entrepreneurs, business incubators and higher education) from 2017-2019.

Judy has served as Junior Warden and Middle Warden, and is expected to serve as the 8th Master Entrepreneur from November 2021.

Judy left school after Sixth Form and went to work at an insurance company as an apprentice where she quickly saw her opportunities. After obtaining the necessary professional qualifications at evening school Judy started to rise through the ranks. An opportunity presented itself and Judy left the corporate world to start her first business, an insurance broking company. Judy managed and successfully built this company with her business partner and some 18 years later sold the company to move on to pastures new.

Judy has also co-founded, a forerunner to InsurTech, business utilising technology to manage large property insurance risks. She is now working on two start-ups with an environmental theme, a GreenTech business utilising bacteria to clean up oil contaminated land and another insurance business, developing innovative environmental damage insurance and risk management solutions for people & businesses with oil tanks.

Outside of her business interests, Judy just about manages to indulge her hobby of photography, particularly of architecture and street life and is increasingly interested in the history of the City of London and the Livery.

Judy lives in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, is married to Peter and has three children.

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