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The Inaugural Entrepreneurs Pub Quiz


There were scenes of astonishment and high tension on the evening of Wednesday 16th May, 2018, at the very first Entrepreneurs Pub Quiz.

Freemen and Officers of the Guild of Entrepreneurs had brought their sharpest wits (and cleverest friends) along to the Counting House on Cornhill to determine which of them could muster the greatest general (and/or generally useless) knowledge. At stake (in addition to bragging rights and a bottle of wine) was the as-yet-unnamed Triviality Tankard, purchased at almost no cost from a charity shop in Milton Keynes that very afternoon.

Fiendish tasks were set, courtesy of Department Q, who, together with Court Assistant Pippa Watmough, had compiled a bespoke quiz for the occasion. A tricky picture round of famous and infamous public-school boys caused one or two headaches, but not so much consternation as a missing letters round of contemporary television shows. Extra credit went to one team for a series of optimistic guesses, including “Ted and The Lady” (“Sex and the City”), which surely ought to be commissioned by Netflix before the end of the year. The quiz included a specialist round to test the team leaders on the City and Livery (it was, your correspondent is pleased to report, a reassuringly high-scoring round).

The half-time scores were all strong, with just a couple of points separating the top teams as the first half answers were revealed (to cries of consternation and congratulations in seemingly equal measure). With lots still to play for, teams led by the Master and Middle Warden were jostling for pole position, but it was the Clerk’s team ahead by a whisker.

Welcome refreshments, in the form of ale and pies, were then distributed to the hungry competitors, and, with the beer in full flow, the second half of the quiz began.

The questions were no less taxing, but, emboldened and refreshed, furrowed brows occasionally broke into broad smiles as brains were teased on an almost-impossible-to-believe true-or-false round, and diverse categories covering current affairs, art, science and literature.

With the final question answered, there was just time for a round of drinks and a nervous wait for the results.

Having eked out the narrowest of margins during the first half, the Clerk’s topically-named team were, in the end, unassailable. To cries of “Bravo!”, “Good Show!” and, predominantly, “Fix!”, the winning team collected their spoils – wine, a souvenir photograph, the coveted Triviality Tankard and the privilege of being named the first ever winners of the Entrepreneurs Pub Quiz.

Mammoth thanks are due to the organisers and to Pippa for a splendid night of fellowship and fun, and all are looking forward with tremendous anticipation to the next Quiz.

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