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The Guild’s first sponsor event: GDPR; Cut through the jargon!

The Guild presented a wonderfully well received session on data security/protection with Founder Supporter, PDA, at the London offices of Towers & Hamlin, on 24 May 2018.



In the presence of the Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, Lee Robertson, the evening was a milestone as the Guild’s first Founder Supporter annual event. And, it was fitting that the subject matter in itself should be a milestone; the GDPR, which affects every business and entrepreneur, came into force the following day.

The Master of the Guild, Lee Robertson, commented and published the photo below (via Twitter), ‘The excellent panel and sponsors of the Entrepreneurs GDPR event. A huge thanks to Trowers and PDA Legal this evening.’




The keynote speaker from PDA’s team was joined by industry experts from the legal, financial and insurance sectors, pictured at the table from left to right: Riccardo Abbate from Towers & Hamlin, Martin Watkins from Ernst & Young and the Worshipful Company of International Bankers, Steve Cross from Lorica Insurance and Regina Lally from PDA, and standing at the back, Founding Freeman and director of PDA, Neil Partridge.




Following a generous reception from Towers & Hamlin, Regina Lally introduced the subject of GDPR from a jargon-free ‘real world’ perspective, to a roomful of entrepreneurs, including Freeman from the Guild. After which, the audience participated with the panel of experts to consider the manifestation and ramifications of data protection as exists in everyday business activity.


The evening was awash with ‘eye-openers’ for the audience. The opening presentation from PDA drew attention to the highly invasive web of touch points in businesses where GDPR is concerned, and the panel members brought to life, in colourful terms, the Devil in the detail and critical elements to look out for to ensure that businesses are working safely and as risk-free as possible.

Freeman Mark Huxley Tweeted, ‘Really great gathering tonight on the eve of GDPR where a superb panel of experts shared brilliant insights and answered all our questions. As may be expected, we Entrepreneurs fully tested their thinking and wits! Thank you.’


Chatting with the audience after the event at a drinks reception, kindly hosted again by Towers & Hamlin, individual audience members commented that some of the aspects presented during the evening had not been previously considered or realised, but that there were many takeaways for audience members to now consider in respect of their own enterprises.

Martin Watkins Tweeted, ‘A pleasure to represent WCofIB as a guest of the Entrepreneurs for an excellent precursor to GDPR launch day. A dry subject was made fun and interesting.’




For those who sadly were unable to attend, PDA has published a free-to-download PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was delivered at the start of the evening. You can download your copy here: www.pdalimited.com/legal/gdpr





Looking ahead, after the success of the Guild’s inaugural sponsor event, news will follow shortly of the 2019 sponsor event; keep an eye on the Events pages of the Guild’s website.