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A celebration of our Freemen at social events in the city

There are many things that I enjoy as a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, going to special places and events, the opportunity to help and inspire others but most of all the camaraderie of being surrounded by like-minded, genuinely delightful people that make up the Guild.

As these people are from such wildly diverse industries and professions, there are often opportunities for invitations to fabulous and unusual events that I almost certainly wouldn’t have attended before becoming a Freeman.

Last week I was lucky enough to have received not one but two invitations to such events.

On Tuesday evening, how lovely it was to be able to go along and support fellow freeman David Mellor at his latest books launch at the IoD Pall Mall.

IoD Pall Mall

Although rather unfortunately being held at the same time as the Guild’s Serendipitous Supper and at opposite ends of London, there was a good turnout of Freemen; Past Master Kate Jolly, our Historian James Mellor, Fiona Taylor, Colin Spiller, Andrew Pullman and myself.

Kate very eloquently gave a 5 minute overview on the Guild to David’s guests and Tracy Lee of DT38 Foundation, told us the very tragic story of her son’s death from testicular cancer.

Many entrepreneurs were in the room that evening and I know that a number of them are curious and will be guests at the Guild’s April Drinks.

We all left with a trio of David’s new books, From Crew to Captain – A List of Lists 1,2 & 3 very beautifully tied together with a red ribbon (not by David apparently). As an ardent maker of lists for everything, I am very much looking forward to obtaining some good tips.

David has very generously offered to donate a portion of the profits from his new books to the Guild Trust Fund when purchased by freemen. Click here to purchase

On Friday, I headed off to the National Portrait Gallery with my niece, at the kind invitation of fellow freeman Rachel Wang of Chocolate Films for the ‘sold out’ premiere of the screening of 1000 Londoners- Goodbye Europe. A very interesting and poignant 90 minutes of short films on the stories of a very varied collection of European Londoners followed by an illuminating Q&A session with some of the participants .

Freeman Rachel Wang

But first I managed to squeeze in a catch up and cocktail with fellow freeman, Spirit de la Mare in the Portrait Restaurant & Bar, where we were able to wonder at the fabulous views of the London skyline and Lord Nelson on his column. And have a good old natter!

Cocktail Hour !

Judy Hadden
Junior Warden

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