The Guild of Entrepreneurs visits London Business School

IMG_1480_LRThere was a good turnout for the Guild’s first visit to the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School on 1st June 2016; a very big thank you goes to LBS DIIE for hosting and their generous hospitality.

Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of DIIE, started the evening off with an interesting overview of the many entrepreneurial activities taking part at LBS, the Summer School, E100 events, the Tell speaker series, etc., and told us about the LBS incubator programme (The House). We also heard from some of the ‘incubatees’ past and present, who provided us with a fascinating insight into their various businesses.

Rick Lowe, one of the Founding Freemen of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and Chair of the Outreach & Education Committee, provided some background and historical context to the Guild, explained how it had come in to being and its place within the civic City of London.

Barnaby Wynter, Founder Freeman provided a very interesting insight in to his reasons for joining the Guild and the challenges facing the millennial generation as they enter the fast changing workplace.

The rest of the evening was very pleasantly spent mixing and chatting and judging by the amount of interaction between everyone present and the general background buzz, it was certainly a tremendous success.

The subsequent feedback from people that attended has been very positive indeed and augurs well for a long and mutually beneficial relationship between the LBS Deloitte Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Guild of Entrepreneurs.

The following extracts are taken from a couple of the many positive emails received following the event and sum up the evening perfectly:

If you want to restore your faith in the millennial generation and know that the world will be in good hands as they progress in their business lives then get involved with the young entrepreneurs at the London Business School.

During the first Guild of Entrepreneurs outreach event with LBS you could not help but be impressed with the energy, enthusiasm for a whole new wave of fresh business ideas. Each young entrepreneur ready to listen and seeking to learn hard and fast from those who may have been there and done that in business themselves.

Rewarding to be a part of, a great expression of the goals of the Guild and uplifting to be able to offer support in this way.

Barnaby Wynter
Founder Freeman – Guild of Entrepreneurs

Great event – I really enjoyed it – makes perfect sense to me for The Guild to be involved with fledgling companies and young entrepreneurs (as well as old)

Best bits – Jeff talking about LBS and the students sharing their business ideas/ post drinks/ chat – how interesting to hear the different applications, would have ben useful to know more about how they progress post incubator and what other opportunities there may be for Guild members to act as mentors/ informal advisors.

I am certainly interested in opportunities for mentoring, summer school, judging – all sounds fascinating and in addition to fellowship/ living history a primary reason for me joining The Guild in the first place.

Let me know if/ how I can help.

Jonathan Webb
Freeman – Guild of entrepreneurs

It certainly was a pleasure – my favourite part of the evening was the networking afterwards where our young entrepreneurs found natural connection with the Freemen. Fabulous energy, hubbub and mutual exchange of cards. A microcosm – and’ proof of concept’ for what London Business School might achieve with the guild.  We’re very keen to get that engagement going – trying out a few ways in which Freemen can get involved with some of the nascent and growing ventures emerging from the School.

Jeff Skinner

Executive Director – Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School.

 Various ideas are now being considered on how best the Guild and its Freemen can engage and assist the LBS entrepreneurs. Watch this space.


Judy Hadden

Founder Freeman – Guild of Entrepreneurs


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