Outreach & Education Committee Showcase

Despite being such a newly formed Guild, its Outreach & Education Committee under the watchful eye of its Chair, Junior Warden and seasoned entrepreneur Rick Lowe, has been carving a justifiable reputation for leading the way on some of the Guild’s most proactive and successful outward-facing initiatives.

On the evening of Tuesday, 6th December 2016, thanks to the generosity of The Trampery, and its helpful staff, the Committee was proud to host a delightful showcase and social event held in the stunning black and white ballroom at the Trampery Old Street.


The current public transport issues did not dampen our entrepreneurial spirit, nor that of many of our guests who braved the train strikes and the cold weather to make it into London from as far afield as the Sussex Coast, to enjoy a vibrant evening of networking, and a showcase of some of the brilliant projects we have worked on this year.

We were delighted that our audience included both the Master of the Guild Kate Jolly, and her Middle Warden Lee Robertson, as a testament to the strong support for the Committee’s efforts and enthusiasm which it has from the Guild Officers and Court.

img_3532-copyAs Rick said in his opening address, the purpose of the event was threefold- to give an insight to Freemen and guests into what we have done already; to inspire and enthuse other Freemen to get involved in the Committee’s work next year, and to thank our project partners and to receive their feedback on what we have already done for and with them and the benefits of that collaboration, and how our Guild might further assist them, going forward.

Will Mercer, Head of Strategy at The Trampery,  took to the floor to welcome the Guild and its guests and to outline the excellent work of The Trampery supporting young entrepreneurs.

This was followed by presentations respectively by Committee members Pippa Watmough, Judy Hadden and Nicola Manning, each leading on discrete projects, outlining these and introducing the project partners and beneficiaries.

Pippa had earlier this year, led on a fantastic six lectures for startups and follow up individual mentoring programme, for the young entrepreneurs at Bathtub 2 Boardroom and we were delighted to hear first hand of the success and enthusiasm for this work from both its CEO, entrepreneur Paddy Willis, and one of the “Tubber” beneficiaries Guy Davenport, founder of Locpin.

Judy Hadden had been working closely with the London Business School this year, including co-ordinating a joint reception event, a summer school mentoring programme involving some of our Freemen, and an awards dinner last month.  Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LBS, gave insightful feedback on the collaboration from the Guild and Nikki Gupta,  co founder of MarkIt,  was able to demonstrate the very real benefits of Judy ‘s supportive mentoring and valuable contacts.

Nicola Manning has been leading for the Committee, three separate educational projects with Roedean School in Brighton, Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham and with the Aldridge Foundation in London. After outlining those projects, Nicola invited Roedean governor, old girl and parent Sasha  Glynn, to give feedback on our recent lecture event at the school which was the first in an intended strong collaboration for the year ahead and which had been extremely  well received by staff and pupils.

Nicola then invited Aldridge’s Evaluation Manager and former BACA 6th form Head Claire Webster, to outline something of their innovative Team Academy entrepreneurial learning programme and the plans for the Guild of Entrepreneurs to collaborate with them in one or more of their London schools, as well as entrepreneur apprenticeships.

img_3533-copyRick Lowe then introduced the second part of the presentation which was an entrepreneurial panel Q&A session formed of Freeman and LBS mentor Jonathan Webb, joined by earlier speakers Paddy, Guy, Jeff and Nikki. Some very insightful and searching questions both from Rick and members of the audience, provided some lively debate and a wonderful description from Jeff, of the characteristics required of an entrepreneur which are now forever etched in the writer’s memory- the attitude of a pirate, with the discipline of a Navy Seal.

Rick rounded off the brilliantly entertaining showcase by outlining some of the pipeline projects for 2017 including some inter-livery initiatives, thanking everyone for their contribution and participation and presenting the ladies of the Committee with a beautiful surprise bouquet of flowers each! After a vote of thanks to Rick on behalf of his Committee and the Guild at large from Founder Freeman Ronan Kearney, the wine drinking and networking of earlier in the evening, continued enthusiastically but now accompanied by beautiful pizza slices prepared and presented by Corrado Accardi,  founder of Pizza Rossa at Leadenhall Market and former LBS graduate himself.

A delightful evening was had by all, and we thank the Outreach and Education Committee for all their hard work, energy and enthusiasm which we are certain will have rubbed off on fellow attendees and inspire even more exciting work in the future!

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Images (c) Barnaby Wynter and Tom Symonds


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