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The Guild & Christs Hospital School

On Thursday evening, 26th April 2018, the latest in a series of events with the 6th Form students (Grecians and Deps as they are known) took place at Christs Hospital School. Always a wonderful setting in the countryside outside Horsham and where everything seems so right as an establishment to learn and be educated.


This event was based around four Entrepreneurs each giving a 10 minute talk on their ‘work-life story’ in which they highlighted what had gone well for them, one aspect which hadn’t gone well and one piece of advice they would give to the students for their own learning. This was then followed by a Q&A session for the students and networking with buffet food and soft drinks.


Feedback gained from Hugo Middlemas, Director of Development at Christs Hospital School was that the event, which was well supported by The Grecians, was not only well received and appreciated, but students found the opportunity to speak to the Entrepreneurs individually afterwards, of great benefit. Hugo is looking forward to the learning students will gain from the Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire which was provided to them by Freeman John Telfer.


In the networking session that followed students had time to speak to the Entrepreneurs and explore further some of the key questions and issues they had, which will help them as they go forward into the world of work. A sure sign that the event was successful was that it ran longer than was planned and we had to be politely asked to leave the building!


A special mention and thanks to Freemen David Mellor, Nicola Manning, Jonathan Webb, Johnny Manning, Shernaz Engineer and John Telfer for the time they gave in supporting this event. I am sure each of the Entrepreneurs went away with a great feeling from being able to support the Guild in this event and in sharing their experiences with the enthusiastic and eager students.



David Mellor will be delivering a series of business simulation lessons as part of the School’s extra-curricular programme, in September and which is already being eagerly anticipated!




John W. Telfer

Photographs (c) Christ’s Hospital School

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