The Finals of the Sheriff’s London Challenge

The 27th March marked the finals of the Sheriff’s London Challenge, held in the famous and illustrious surroundings of the Old Bailey Court One.

Rick Lowe, Junior Warden and Claire Webster, Evaluation Manager from the Aldridge Foundation, were in attendance to witness the two finalist schools, London Academy of Excellence Stratford and Oasis Academy Headley, present their cases to a distinguished panel on ‘What are London’s key priorities’?

Both parties presented cogent and substantiated strategies on key subjects such as:

  • Closing socio economic divides
  • Reducing crime rates
  • Solutions to the housing crisis
  • Developing employment

The judges then retired to examine the arguments and emerged to announce that the London Academy of Excellence were to be crowned the winners for this inaugural event that now is set to run again next year where the Guild of Entrepreneurs will put forward a team and support via mentoring.

Rick Lowe stated, ‘The standard of intellect was truly excellent and clearly demonstrated the calibre of the students in addressing and finding solutions for challenges that beset London.’

The Guild will again be mentoring the Northumberland Park Community School in the next series and will do all it can to propel them to success in the competition.

Nicola Manning stated ‘this is another example of our continued work with our Education programme that highlights the way our Freemen can give back to help young minds’.

We look forward to updating you on the outcome of the next series in due course.




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