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The Entrepreneurs’ Honorary Historian – James Mellor


At its meeting earlier in the year, the Court of the Guild of Entrepreneurs formally resolved to appoint an Honorary Historian, and Mr James Mellor was sworn-in as the Guild’s first Honorary Historian on Thursday 20th September 2018. James is a freelance writer, researcher and cartoonist who works with a range of businesses and individuals to get their unique messages across in print, online and via social media. His illustrations have featured in The Sunday Telegraph, The Undercover Recruiter and the Design Thinkers Academy. In 2015 he “live cartooned” the Monte Carlo or Bust Rally for Lloyds of London.


James is the author/illustrator of Drawn From History – a cartoon journey through Britain’s past.


The Historian, like the Chaplain and other Honorary Officers, holds office at the Court’s pleasure to assist and serve the Guild, and to enable it to better discharge its objects.


The Court considered that the Hon. Historian might


  • Research and report on the formation of the Guild of Entrepreneurs;
  • Research and report on notable figures in the Guild’s history;
  • Originate and recommend projects and presentations of the Guild’s history;
  • Document the emerging history of the Guild;
  • Advise and contribute to the Entrepreneurs’ application for a grant of arms, and to support its promotion to Company without Livery and Livery Company; and,
  • Carry out such further duties as the Court from time to time may ask.


The Master Entrepreneur, Mr Lee Robertson, invested James with his badge of office at a ceremony in the Court Room of Bakers’ Hall, to a large audience, including James’s family and supporters.


The Master said “James is the author of Great Entrepreneurs from History and has been the originator of many of the pithy cartoons that have illustrated our event flyers and Christmas cards over the last couple of years. He’s an extraordinarily talented and witty man, and we are absolutely thrilled that he has accepted our invitation to take up an honorary post as Historian.”


“In its first four years, the Entrepreneurs has huge success and great tragedy, and it is wonderful to have James on board to tell those stories for us and our successors in the years to come.”

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