Statement from Planning Chairman Michael Welbank on the Heron-Salesforce Tower name change

​In response to the decision that a Building Re-naming authorisation request to change the name of the Heron Tower to the Salesforce Tower will be referred back to Committee, Michael Welbank, Chairman of the Planning & Transportation committee at the City of London Corporation, said:

“The City of London’s landmark buildings have proven phenomenally popular with the public, as the nicknames of the “Gherkin” and the “Walkie Talkie” have shown.  However, the official names of the buildings rarely attract public attention.  We often receive name change applications; however we have never before had an application to change the name of a building to reflect a commercial tenant when this tenant was not the sole occupant of the building.  For this reason, the Planning & Transportation Committee felt that the decision needed further consideration and have referred it back to the committee for a future debate.” 

Courtesy of the City of London Corporation

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