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02 – Apr : The Spring Breakfast 2019

The Spring Breakfast is held annually on the Tuesday after Mothering Sunday, where Freemen Entrepreneurs and their business guests are nourished physically and intellectually by a good breakfast and a heavyweight speaker.

This year it will be held exclusively at Home Grown, 44 Great Cumberland Place, London, W1H 7BS

Home Grown does not open officially until the following day, and so this is a terrific scoop – a chance to get a privileged first glimpse of this splendid new resource for entrepreneurs and high-growth business in the heart of the West End.

The Guild of Entrepreneurs is delighted to welcome, as its principal guest and speaker, His Excellency the Ambassador of Belgium, who will doubtless have much to say on the subject of Belgium, Britain and Brexit. Q&A follows the speeches, and carriages are at 10am.

Dress code: Business (ties not required)

Timings: Breakfast at 8.30am; Speakers from 9am followed by Q&A and coffee

Cost: £35

Please Book Here