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Seven New Freemen Admitted at Guildhall

The Aldermen’s Dining Room of Guildhall, richly decorated with murals of the City’s robes and regalia, afforded an atmospheric setting for the admission of seven new Freemen to the Guild on the evening of Thursday 16th February.

The Master, Kate Jolly, presided over a Ceremonial Court to swear-in Founder Freeman Shernaz Engineer and Freeman Jenny Hogan as Court Assistants. Shernaz and Jenny, having given industrious service to the Guild’s Committees, now begin five-year terms on the Court.

The Beadle then led in seven of the Guild’s Freemen Elect, who made their pledge and declaration in fine voice before signing the Freedom Register and being presented individually with their certificates of Freedom by the Master.


Nana Banton, Gary Dixon, Joy Merriam, Paul Forrest, Sarah Malter, Neeta Patel and Nick Sellars, all of whom are enjoying hugely successful entrepreneurial careers, were clearly relieved to have made it through the ceremonial part of the evening, and all the assembled Freemen and guests then made their way down to the Members’ Bar to enjoy a sparkling reception.


Freeman Nick Sellars

Freeman Neeta Patel with guests (L-R) Mrs Linda Aspey and Ms Lopa Patel

Freeman Nana Banton with guest Mr Delroy Banton

Freeman Gary Dixon with guest Mrs Linda Dixon

Freeman Joy Merriam

Freeman Dr Sarah Malter with guests (L-R) Mr Martin Malter and Mr Dan Metcalfe

Freeman Paul Forrest with guest Mrs Elaine Forrest

Dinner was a semi-formal affair, preceded by an eloquent Grace declaimed by the Guild’s Chaplain, Freeman the Reverend Bertrand Olivier. Following a sumptuous three-course dinner and toasts, the Beadle gavelled for silence and the Master spoke.

With her customary understatement, the Master congratulated the new Court Assistants and Freemen‎ on the commencement of their respective journeys, before expounding on the very real work ahead for the Guild as it fosters and encourages entrepreneurship. Central to the theme of the Master’s words was ambition, and the Master reflected that her own entrepreneurial ambition was even now being nourished by the experience and fellowship of the Guild, and how the ambitious personalities of the Guild’s Freemen was driving an assured success in its objectives. There was uproarious applause at the conclusion.

The Guild of Entrepreneurs welcomes applications for the Freedom. More details can be found HERE

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