11th and 25th Nov: The Jolly Isolator for potential Freemen

Join fellow Freemen for informal chat on the second Weds and then on the last Weds of the month introduce new entrepreneurs to the Guild.

About this Event

Join us for a chat.

The Jolly Isolator is the ideal virtual watering hole to give you that bit of mid week social contact with fellow Freemen. On the second Wednesday of each month, grab yourself something cold, or a warm mug of something comforting, and nestle down for an hour of chat, or just check in and listen to the Guild banter – camera on or camera off, join in if you like.

On the fourth Wednesday of the month we’ll host our Build the Guild sessions. Feel free to bring Guild- curious friends or colleagues to showcase how our wonderful organisation works to support each other and budding entrepreneurs.

Please make sure you register you and your guests for these exclusive events here

You’ll get to meet and mix with fellow Freemen and their guests on a DIY drink basis. Also, be sure to check out our other Guild of Entrepreneurs Freemen-only channels:

Entrepreneurs Chat – informal chitchat, useful links and generalised advice (and a few funnies). Please text your name and mobile number to Mark Huxley to be added to the group: 07966 019533

Guild Group for business as usual, generalised advice and connecting. Quick Link

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