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Ryman’s National Enterprise Challenge – Roedean’s Year 9 Enterprise day

On Tuesday the whole of year 9 at Roedean took part in the Ryman’s National Enterprise Challenge.

This was an opportunity for the students to work in groups on a variety of challenges based around designing a new roller-coaster for Alton Towers. Throughout the day they had to use a range of skills from across the curriculum such as creative writing, drama and Maths to help present their business ideas.

The day ended with the students pitching their concept to two successful entrepreneurs Nick Levens and Edna Kissman from the Guild of Entrepreneurs London who were our judges.

Well done to the winning team (Priya Toberman, Joyce Wei, Esme Boden, Scarlett Beasley, Megan Turtle, Holly Banfield, Isabel Green, Ashley Wang, Daisy Wooten). The day was an enjoyable one with all the students putting in lots of energy to their ideas. Hopefully it will help some of the students decide whether Business may be a good choice for one of their GCSE options for next year





Photos (c) Roedean School

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