Results of the Election Court 2021

At the Election Court, held virtually on Thursday 1st July 2021, the following were elected to serve as Officers of the Company of Entrepreneurs from 24th November, 2021:

As Master : Judy Hadden

As Senior Warden : Gary Dixon

As Middle Warden : Mark Norman Huxley

As Junior Warden : Alastair John Naisbitt King

The Master, Mr Lars Andersen, warmly congratulated the Master and Wardens Elect, and, with a ripple of virtual applause from the assembled Court, wished them well for the coming year.

Notes: The Election Court is one of Company of Entrepreneurs’ statutory meetings, at which the Court elects those members of the Court who will serve as Master and Wardens from the following November. Although it is customary that each of the serving Wardens is promoted to the next most senior office, any full member of the Court may be elected as Junior Warden. A Nominations Committee of up to five Past Masters sits two weeks before Court to interview candidates for the role of Junior Warden and makes a recommendation to the Court as to who to elect.

The full Court consists of the Master, three Wardens, the five most recent Past Masters, and between six and twenty Freemen Entrepreneurs who sit as Assistants. Assistants are elected to serve for a term of five years each. The Treasurer is a voting member of Court, and is appointed for a two-year term.

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