Results of the Election Court 2019

At the Election Court, held on Thursday 18th July 2019, the following were elected to serve as Officers of the Guild from 26th November, 2019:

Master : Richard
Paul Lowe

Senior Warden :
Lars Bendik Andersen

Middle Warden :
Judy Hadden

Junior Warden :
Gary Dixon

The Master, Mr Peter Hewitt JP, warmly congratulated the Master and Wardens Elect, and wished them every success for the coming year.


New Court Assistants elected

At the Election Court, held on Thursday 18th July 2019, Freeman Avi Lasarow and Freeman James Talbot were elected to serve as Court Assistants.

Both James and Avi have been active and leading members of the Guild’s Outreach Committee, lending their considerable talents to a range of projects fostering the development of entrepreneurship as a professional discipline.

The Master, Mr Peter Hewitt JP, swore-in James Talbot at the City of London Club as one of the Court’s first orders of business (Avi will be formally sworn-in later this year), welcoming him very heartily to the Guild’s governing body and presenting him with his badge of office. Both men begin five-year terms of office as part of a cadre of 19 Assistants, which (along with the Master, Wardens and the Past Masters) scrutinises and directs the Guild’s activities, accounts and policies.

Additionally, the Court was very pleased to co-opt Freeman Simon Fordham and Freeman John Brewer to the Court. Both Simon and John bring valuable skills to the Court, and begin a 12-month period of co-option to assist with the Guild’s governance. The Master heard their oaths, and presented them with their badges of office.

Any Freeman in good standing may be elected or co-opted to the Court. Usually interviews and elections for Court Assistants are held in September, and new Court Assistants are sworn-in at the Installation Court in November. Freemen with an interest in serving are invited to write (in confidence) to the Clerk who will supply further information and arrange the next steps. Seven Court Assistants come to the end of their terms of office in 2019-20, and it is anticipated that the Court will elect five new Assistants in September 2019.

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