Outreach Opportunity at Christ’s Hospital School


As part of its Outreach & Education work, the Guild of Entrepreneurs is looking to build a sustainable and productive relationship with Christ’s Hospital School – a mission that was dear to the heart of the Guild’s Founder, Dan Doherty.

Christ’s Hospital was originally founded in the City of London in 1552. Although an independent school, CH continues to educate children primarily from families in “social, financial or other need” through the many benefactions it has received over the centuries, and the support of the City of London Guilds and Livery Companies.

Last month saw the Guild’s inaugural event at the School, when, over lunch, Freeman Rachel Wang inspired the students with an account of her journey. The event was very well-received by all parties and has established a platform on which the Guild can build.

The next event is planned for the summer term (late May/early June) and will be hosted by the School, which is now based in Sussex. It will be an early evening networking event with three constituent groups:

  • Students from the sixth form
  • Entrepreneurs drawn from the “Old Blues” community
  • Freemen of the Guild of Entrepreneurs

The Guild is looking for volunteers from amongst its Freemen, and if you would be interested (in principle) in representing the Guild on this occasion please contact Freeman David Mellor, who is co-ordinating this event. All offers of help are very welcome, and David would be particularly interested in hearing from Freemen Entrepreneurs who themselves came from families in “social, financial or other need”.

You can read more about the Guild’s charitable initiatives HERE


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