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Outreach and Education Showcase Event


The showcase event last Wednesday night, standing room only at the back, more heads than seats, more guests, enthusiasts, supporters, interested parties, than Freeman.

The showcase for Outreach and Education brings to life the importance of actively supporting the Guild.  A phrase stayed with me, Hugo Middlemas, Director of Development at Christ’s Hospital talked about the school’s mission and how social mobility defines the purpose. The opportunity that social mobility creates is life changing, the phrase applies equally to the work of the Outreach & Education Committee. Opportunities for young people to better themselves, opportunities for Freeman to give back and support future entrepreneurs, thoughtfully paraphrased by Freeman Avi Lasarow, “effort in for something worthwhile and reward will follow”.

It is our job as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility, the privilege that comes with being a Freeman of the Guild means that we can exercise this responsibility. We are lucky.

On Wednesday 29th November, pupils from Roedean School, told how the Guild is supporting their endeavours to embrace entrepreneurship.

We heard from Johnny Manning and how through his education venture Manning Tutors linking with the Kensington Aldridge Academy, he was able to make a difference to the families affected by the devastating event at Grenfell tower on the night of 14th June 2017.

How LBS Entrepreneurship Sumer School mentoring programme means we as Guild members are directly influencing nascent business and adding value to leading start-ups.

How University of Westminster quid pro quo, is offering digital & interactive storytelling to participating Freemen in exchange for mentoring students.  What an exciting collaboration and a wonderful two-way opportunity for students and Freeman alike.

What a busy year it has been for the committee, with only a handful of projects shared on the night, like an Aladdin’s cave there is much to discover in 2018.

If you are moved to get involved please let the committee know, the momentum is building and next year will see even more success.

A hearty thanks to the committee and all in involved in making the showcase event so memorable.

A special thank you to the event host and sponsors, Trowers & Hamlins LLP, for providing the venue, the refreshments and being part of the celebrations.

Jonathan Webb


Photos @ Spirit De La Mare and Stephen Wheatley










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