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Outpost Trading Post at the Dan Doherty Memorial School

The memory of the Founder of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, Dan Doherty, continues to reach and inspire entrepreneurs. Ever since Dan’s tragic and untimely death in office as the Guild’s Master in March 2016 the Guild has very proudly been associated with the Dan Doherty Memorial School in Makwanpur, Nepal. The school and its reputation is growing, and it now provides not only an educational facility for children, but is also a trading post for local entrepreneurs.

Under the care of charity Learning for Life (of which Dan was a trustee), the school replaced one of twelve that were lost in the devastating Nepalese earthquake in 2015. This modern earthquake-proof building is used as a hub for local entrepreneurs and women’s groups and is an essential part of life in this rural mountain community, some six hours from the nearest major town.

The school was officially opened on February 21st 2017 by Dan’s widower, Court Assistant Neil Fullbrook.

Neil said: “The trip to open the school in Nepal was an interesting, emotional and adrenalin-filled journey. The school is sited in an extremely rural mountainous community where many of the roads are just mud. This facility will be the beating heart of a community of 10,000 wonderful people. I am so proud that we were able to bring Dan’s dream to life. I would like to thank all the members of the Guild that donated towards the build.”

Neil is due to revisit the school in October 2017 to catch up with some of the entrepreneurs and children and show the Guild’s continued support.

More information about the project can be found at www.thedandohertymemorialschool.org

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