The Company is governed by the Court, which is made up of the Master, Wardens, Past Masters and Court Assistants. The Master and Wardens are elected annually at the Election Court in July, and take office at the Installation Court in November.

The Company employs a Clerk, appointed by the Court, who is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Master: Lars Andersen

Senior Warden: Judy Hadden

Middle Warden: Gary Dixon

Junior Warden: Mark Huxley

Immediate Past MasterRick Lowe (2019-20)

Hon. Treasurer: Harvinder Rattan (Chair, Finance)

Clerk: Duncan Simms

Past Masters:

Court Assistants (alphabetical):

  • David Barker
  • John Brewer
  • Sarah Davis
  • Shernaz Engineer (Chair, Membership)
  • Simon Fordham
  • Jenny Hogan
  • Elizabeth Hunt
  • Alderman Alastair King
  • Avi Lasarow
  • The Rt. Hon. the Lord Leigh of Hurley
  • Christine Nicholson
  • David Mellor (Chair, Education)
  • Neil Partridge (Chair, Awards)
  • Andrew Pullman
  • Colin Spiller
  • James Talbot (Chair, Outreach)
  • Pippa Watmough
  • Stephen Wheatley (Chair, Fundraising)
  • Barnaby Wynter

Co-opted Court Assistants:

  • Neil Fullbrook (Chair, Communications & Events)

Hon. Chaplain: The Rev. Canon David Parrott

Guild Church: St Lawrence Jewry, Guildhall Yard, London EC2V 5AA

Chaplain Emeritus: The Very Rev. Bertrand Olivier (Chaplain 2015-18)

Clerk Emerita: Adele Thorpe (Clerk 2014-15)

Hon. Historian: James Mellor