New Freeman Admitted at Vintners’ Hall

Mr Stacey Body was admitted to the Freedom of the Guild of Entrepreneurs in the beautiful and historic surroundings of the Court Room at Vintners’ Hall on Tuesday 5th June, 2018.

The Master, Mr Lee Robertson, together with the Wardens and Court, heard of Stacey’s many successes, and were delighted to welcome him as their newest Freeman.

Stacey Body started his career in finance, becoming the Group Managing Director of the Ivan Massow Group. He went on to build his own successful chartered practice Chapter Place Associates and became a partner at St James’s Place Wealth Management. Stacey founded Tier 1 Global, a business consultancy specialising in helping international entrepreneurs build successful businesses in the UK, and Hullo Ltd, a private jet technology platform.

With his international experience, he is engaged by the Home Office to develop international entrepreneurial policy post-Brexit. Stacey is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and for LGBT+ communities and is the face of Equality Wealth Management and the Entrepreneur Club within St. James’s Place.

The Master warmly welcomed Stacey to the Guild, and to what he described as a “modest supper in humble surroundings”. The Court Room at Vintners’ Hall, if not the oldest, is certainly one of the oldest extant dining rooms in the City, and the Master described it as a particular privilege for the Guild to be there as, if not the newest, then certainly one of the newest of the City’s guilds.

Stacey Body joins a hugely diverse organisation – whose members are bound together by a shared ethos of entrepreneurship, philanthropy and civic duty. With an ever-increasing membership and resources, the Guild of Entrepreneurs is thriving. It is growing in stature, both outwardly (in its outreach, affiliations and education projects) and inwardly (in its fellowship and the prosperity of its Freemen), and is looking forward with huge anticipation to September’s admission ceremony at Bakers’ Hall.

You can read more about how to apply to join the Guild of Entrepreneurs HERE

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