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New Court Assistants Elected

At its meeting on 21st September, 2017, the Court elected the following Freemen Entrepreneurs as Court Assistants:


  • Freeman Gary Dixon
  • Freeman Alderman Alastair King
  • Founder Freeman Stephen Wheatley


They will be sworn-in as Court Assistants at the Installation Court on 23rd November, 2017.


The Court was pleased to have received such a degree of interest (there were well over twice as many candidates as vacancies), and from a number of unexpected sources. The opportunity to stand for election as a Court Assistant is available to all full Freemen annually following the Election Court in July, and the Master encourages all Freemen with an interest in serving the Guild at a senior level to put their names forward in July 2018.


Court Assistants are junior members of the governing body of the Guild. They take a leading and active role in the support of the Guild’s programme, the Charitable Trust and the City of London. Only Court Assistants are eligible for election as Master.


Court Assistants serve as voting members of Court for a five-year period, which is extended to a maximum of 14 years if they are elected as Junior Warden and progress to Master during that time.


More information concerning the work of the Court and the role of Court Assistants is available from the Clerk.


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