27 – 29 Sept : The Master’s Weekend

Each year, the Master Entrepreneur invites Freemen, their friends and families to join him for a series of excursions known as the Master’s Weekend.

For 2019, the Master, Mr Peter Hewitt, warmly encourages you to join him for a succession of exclusive and fascinating activities in and around the City of London, taking in the ancient and modern, and everything in between. The weekend culminates in a black tie dinner at Watermen’s Hall on Saturday evening, followed by the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. For those staying in London on Saturday night, the Sheep Drive across London Bridge takes place on Sunday, in typically festive style.

If you would like to attend the Master’s Weekend 2019, a complete list of the events and activities together with a booking form can be obtained from The Clerk by emailing him on [email protected] 

The full cost of the weekend (excluding travel and accommodation) is £180, though if you or your guests would like to attend only part of the weekend, you may simply pay for the bits that you would like to do, and indicate clearly your choices on the form.

It’s important to note that space is limited for some activities, so please do register your interest as soon as possible.

.GoE Master Weekend Booking Form 0819

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