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29 – Mar : Lunch after United Guild Service

Following the United Guilds Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, the Master Entrepreneur invites all Freemen and guests to book for lunch at the splendid Carpenters’ Hall.

Freemen do not have to have been to the Service in order to go to the Lunch.

The hospitality at Carpenters’ Hall is absolutely first-class. A two-course buffet luncheon with wine is served, with cheese too. The Carpenters’ Company provides a champagne reception, and, all in all, it is a very generous afternoon.

The Worshipful Companies of Plumbers, Tylers & Bricklayers, Gardeners, Clockmakers and Builders’ Merchants will also be at lunch, and this is a highly convivial setting for some inter-Livery fellowship.

Dress code : Lounge Suit

Cost: £60

Book online only by midday on Thursday 21st March HERE