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Kate Jolly


Ms Catherine Karen Jolly (Kate) was admitted as a Founder Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs in 2014 and was elected as a Court Assistant in 2015.  Later that same year, Kate was elected to serve as Junior Warden with immediate effect, and was elected as Master in July 2016. She was installed as the Guild’s third Master on 24th November, 2016, and served until 23rd November, 2017.

Kate is an entrepreneur through to her bones, having first started at the age of 14 by selling diaries door-to-door and then extending her repertoire over the years until settling on a shell of an idea which came into life in 1991 when she co-founded The Briars Group – the back office power behind growing entrepreneurial businesses and corporate enterprises. She identified the lack of support for owners of new businesses and sought to find a way to enable them to focus on business growth rather than compliance. This has remained a lifelong passion and Kate has now expanded the business to support corporates across 46 countries (and growing).

In addition to her passion for Briars, Kate has fulfilled a range of corporate roles including as Chairwoman of two Defined Benefit Pension Schemes corporates and Company Secretary to a large number of rapidly growing international entities.

Today, Kate splits her time between her role as CEO of Briars, providing mentoring to a number of early stage companies, boards of directors and individual entrepreneurs, and advising on Briars Foundation.

In her spare time Kate enjoys falconry, training/walking her dog and off-roading. She admits to being a terrible cook but does love food and good company! Kate has two wonderful sons who are currently at the beginning of their careers and she believes that they are the reason why she has such a great sense of humour!


Dietaries: Kate is allergic to mushrooms and to caffeine, and is lactose intolerant

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