International Womens Day event – by Freeman Rachel Wang

We sold out with over 130 people attending the Hackney Attic for our International Women’s Day screening of 10 short 1000 Londoners documentaries about inspiring women living in the city, entitled ‘Century:10 Women x 10 Decades’.

The panel discussion on Women and Ambition was vibrant with Diane Abbott MP sharing her views on why she wanted to run for leader of the opposition and how she continues to have people judging her for what she looks like rather than what she says and believes in. Singer Songwriter Kate Dimbleby spoke about her creative journey and her brave choice of developing a capella tracks for her new album Songbirds; Kate wanted to stir down her music and focus on her voice alone. Hosting the event filled me with pride for my web-series and I was thrilled to have a third screening of the collection of short films I produced sold out.

Here are some images from the night:


Rachel Wang, Director, Chocolate Films


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