Goodbye Guild, hello Company!

On 20th October, the Court of Aldermen met to publicly determine the progression of the Guild of Entrepreneurs to a Company without Livery. In a meeting by virtual presence live-streamed via YouTube, Alderman Sir David Wootton announced the recommendation of the Court’s General Purposes Committee that the Guild of Entrepreneurs become the Company of Entrepreneurs. He proposed the motion, which was seconded by Alderman Sir Roger Gifford, and the motion was passed.

Alderman Sir David Wootton (top line, centre) proposes the motion, seconded by Alderman Roger Gifford (middle line, left), as the Lord Mayor (top line, left) looks on.

This short meeting was the culmination of six years of fundraising and activity as a Guild, which this year has also included evidence-gathering in support of the Entrepreneurs’ petition for progression. The Petition itself was delivered to the City of London Corporation in September, as part of a 166-page bundle of reports on the Guild’s activities to date. This bundle included detailed accounts, budget projections, biographies, organisation, policies and rules, alongside the Trustee’s Report and letters of support from Livery Companies, military affiliates and HM Government.

The Master Entrepreneur, Mr Rick Lowe, has recorded his thoughts in this short video

And as a lovely postscript to the day our very own Chaplain shared his own prayer for us, penned in his unique style. Thank you Rev’d Canon David Parrott, we love it

Entrepreneurs becoming a Company with Livery

Praise God above for this fine day

Another step along the way

At last our wishes are fulfilled

We are no longer just a Guild

The Aldermen have now declared

A brand-new status to be shared

It’s true, as yet we have no Livery

For that will be the next delivery

But just for now let’s raise a toast

To Company and Master – host

No more a Guild, the Master purrs, but

Company of Entrepreneurs


Notes: The Guild of Entrepreneurs is now the Company of Entrepreneurs. Becoming a Company without Livery is a necessary intermediate stage towards becoming a Livery Company. The Company of Entrepreneurs must serve at least four years as a Company without Livery before it can petition the Court of Aldermen for progression to a Livery Company. It must also raise charitable and general funds; continue its good work in outreach, education and fellowship; and continue to support the Lord Mayor and the City of London.

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