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Entrepreneurs’ Lecture in Global Entrepreneurship Week

This year’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Week event was held on 16th November at the beautiful Pewterers’ Hall, by kind permission of the Master Pewterer. This year our generous sponsors were KPMG who were represented by Ms Kirsty Mitchell and Ms Nicole Lowe.


The 100 guests, representing 29 Livery Companies and Guilds, Freemen and Officers of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and their guests assembled in The Livery Room for refreshments prior to the main event which was to take place upstairs in the Court Room.

The Master, Ms Kate Jolly, welcomed the guests and introduced the panel:


  • Founding Freeman Ben Camara
  • Senior Warden Alderman Peter Hewitt
  • Ms Emma Sinclair MBE
  • Founder Freeman Major Patrick Swint
  • ‎Freeman Gregg Wallace
  • Freeman Elect Paddy Willis


Moderated and cajoled by Freeman Jon Hammond with his customary flair and enthusiasm, the panel debated the journeys they had each taken to achieve their success. Many highlighted that there were lots of bumps in the road and that management of cashflow for the growing business was essential as was surrounding oneself with effective advisors. “It can be a lonely journey” said Senior Warden Alderman Peter Hewitt “so having the right people there with you is key”.

By video link, the panel in London were joined by other successful entrepreneurs who shared their journeys and imparted advice to the assembled.


  • Freeman Jenny Campbell
  • Founder Freeman Sir Rod Aldridge‎ OBE
  • Paul Buck
  • James Dawson


The event closed with wine and canapes catered by Life’s Kitchen (represented by co-founders and Freemen Entrepreneurs Nick Levens and Dave Pay)‎.



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