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Getting to know our Church – Guild visit to All Hallows

Alexander Thompson - An Evening at All Hallows' Church_00007_LRAlexander Thompson - An Evening at All Hallows' Church_00000_LRA game of 3 halves, this………and we won all three!

Firstly, we had a fab tour of the City’s oldest church, including seeing part of the original Roman wall surrounding the City of London. Mike, our guide, who volunteers at All Hallows, is a City of London Blue Badge Guide, so we learnt some serious stuff.

Secondly, we had a fab BBQ in the courtyard of the café. Great food, cheap booze, delightful staff. We all said that if we wanted a new look venue for a corporate event, this would be perfect.
Thirdly, our Hon Chaplain shared with us his journey from PR Entrepreneur to a warrior for God – who was probably the ultimate entrepreneur if you think about it!

Alexander Thompson - An Evening at All Hallows' Church_00008_LRPhotographs kindly provided by Alexander ThompsonAlexander Thompson - An Evening at All Hallows' Church_00002_LR

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