General Sir Richard Barrons speaks at our February 2019 Court Dinner and sets out the strategy for European defense

Those fortunate enough to be present at our recent Court Dinner sat enthralled as General Sir Richard Barrons spoke of how, in this digital age, we face many unprecedented military risks, which, in an interesting juxtaposition may be counteracted by embracing many of the same technologies. Modern warfare perhaps consigning the traditional “boots on the ground” to the history books with them being fought in the future by “fingers on a keyboard”…

His presentation was based upon a paper he authored, published in many places including Medium in October 2018 by LSE Ideas, the LSE’s foreign policy think tank.

Titled European Defence for the 21st Century its summary describes the strategic update as highlighting the pressing need for greater attention on European defence capabilities. Sir Richard Barrons signposting a way forward; the transformation of defence and security through the potential of combinations of Digital Age technologies.

It’s a fascinating read which can be found by clicking here

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