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Four Admitted as Freemen Entrepreneurs


Following the Court Meeting on Thursday 21st September, a Ceremonial Court was convened to admit four more entrepreneurs to the Freedom of the Guild.


In the grand setting of the Board Room, at the very top of the London Capital Club, the Clerk eloquently summarised the many successes of these very impressive candidates to the evident pleasure of the Guild’s Court and assembled Freemen and guests. The Master, Kate Jolly, then heard the pledges and declarations of Robin Baker, Adam Beaumont, Spirit de la Mare and Tim Metson, and welcomed them as Freemen Entrepreneurs.


Robin Baker’s career is a litany of successes across a range of professional disciplines. He excelled as a scholar and trained as both a buildings and quantity surveyor. He later qualified as an onshore investment adviser and manager, before founding his own offshore wealth management firm. Almost 20 years later, his agile and valuable services have never been in greater demand. His professional success is matched by sporting achievements and a strong philanthropic ethos nurtured by Freemasonry. He is a Freeman of the City of London.


Professor Adam Beaumont is the dynamic founder and CEO of aql, the hugely successful telecoms operator. Adam started his career as a scientist, lecturing in quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. In the late 90’s he fell in love with the internet and spent a brief spell in the MoD, whilst establishing aql as a domain name registrar and email and web hosting company. He grew aql into a full telecommunications network, and aql’s investment in technology and infrastructure continues. He is Professor of Cyber Security at Leeds University, and a fierce advocate of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Spirit de la Mare is the enterprising founder of the independent art magazine, Brogue. Nominated for multiple awards, Brogue thrives in a competitive market as a rare commercial success, and continues to add to its readership and reach. She is committed to the growth of creative industries, and fosters creativity and entrepreneurship through her pop-up creative workshops in and around London. She has curated charity art shows and fairs including artists such as Derek Boshier and Yoko Ono. She is an active member of the Roedean School Alumni network, indeed, she is a governor of the school and former editor of the Roedean Alumni magazine.


Tim Metson splits his time between running his multi-sector property consultancy firm and running the family owned Surrey Hills based farm. A talented diversifier, Tim’s range of interests are ever-growing and a new butchery (to process meat from his own pedigree cattle, as well as the herds of collaborating farmers) is the next in a series of shrewd investments. His charitable work is no less successful, and he is an enthusiastic Director and Trustee of charities and community benefit schemes that benefit the environment and infrastructure across Surrey. Tim is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Farmers and is looking forward to an energetic second livery journey as a Freeman Entrepreneur.


The Guild of Entrepreneurs continues to attract Freemen of impressive reputation and success. You can read more about the criteria for membership here

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