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The PDA group of companies provides support, advice and leadership in marketing implementation, legal sector risk management & compliance, and administration services, for clients that include ‘household names’, City law firms and online enterprises.

Our client’s businesses are themselves at differing stages of their own entrepreneurial journeys, facing strategic and operational challenges and opportunities along the way. When they are considering a new or complex venture, we’re usually one of their first phone calls.

PDA is proud to be a Founder Supporter of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and to be part of the rich heritage of entrepreneurial activity that is the cornerstone of the City of London.

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The Briars Group is the back office power behind growing entrepreneurial businesses and corporate enterprises.


For more than twenty years the company has provided services in the fields of People, Finance, Tax and Technology through to full Corporate Management. Designed for businesses looking to expand in their home territory and for those looking to put down roots elsewhere, Briars offers a seamless turn-key solution that is compliant and ensures consistency in employee terms and benefits.

Our services are tailor-made to fit your needs so that you can concentrate on meeting your business objectives while minimising the risks often associated with expansion and growth. A full global operation can be managed in one time zone just as easily as we can support an ambitious business taking its first tentative next steps. Either way more than 1,000 clients located across the UK, mainland Europe, North America and the Far East are witness to decades of proven support, the Briars’ way.

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