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Fostering Entrepreneurialism – How we’re making a difference

As a young Guild and aspirant Livery Company, as we establish ourselves, it’s vital that we make a genuine and positive impact amongst our peers and the City of London, for whom we exist to serve. Without ever wishing to blow our own trumpet, in the four years since we were founded, we think it is fair to say we have done both. The support from our fellow Liverymen has been outstanding as has the impact we are making within the City.

There are no better examples to demonstrate this, than the work of our Outreach and Education programmes, both of which have become fabulous ambassadors of the Guild, supporting the people and organisations that they come into contact with.


Our current Master, Lee Robertson observed this in this recent tweet and a blog that he recently penned https://bit.ly/2IjiRo4

Trampery Outreach

Court Assistant Judy Hadden, chairs our Outreach Committee. We asked her to share some thoughts about a programme she has been running with The Trampery; a provider of shared work and event spaces across East London designed to drive creativity and entrepreneurship, formed as a social enterprise supporting innovators to create change.


The Trampery invited Judy to bring a panel of entrepreneurs as part of their Pathways programme to speak to a group of some 40 start-ups in their Old Street workspace. The topic was “10 Things I wish I had known before I started my business”.

Speaking of the evening, Judy told us: “I was joined at the session by our Middle Warden Rick Lowe, James Vellacott and Paddy Willis, with the session ably facilitated by our fellow Freeman, the inimitable Barnaby Wynter.

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In addition, although she could not join us on the evening, Amy McManus was beamed into the session from Amsterdam.

It would take too long to share everything said on the night, so suffice to say that our Freemen all very admirably acquitted themselves delivering not only very useful insights but also many fun anecdotes. There were many good questions and lively discussions both during the session and then during the following informal networking.


The buzz in the room after our talk with so many of the nascent entrepreneurs staying on to meet and chat with us in person made it so worthwhile. It really was a great night.

Looking back, it was a fabulous evening with many of the nascent entrepreneurs in the room feeding back that it was the most useful and inspiring Pathways session that they had attended, which made it all so worthwhile! The Trampery were pleased as almost the entire Pathway’s cohort signed up to attend.”

Paddy Willis added his own reflection: ““This was an inspirational evening, with an audience committed to learning and a panel of Freemen willing to share their own experiences. As I mentioned in one of my anecdotes, we must never forget that being further down the road in our own entrepreneurial journeys means that we stand on a Mountain of Value, to borrow from Daniel Priestley, even if we don’t always feel we have all the answers for ourselves, we have insights that we can share with others who follow in our footsteps. For me, the Guild and its Freemen provide a great vehicle for this exchange.”

And summing up, Middle Warden Rick Lowe concluded: “The young entrepreneurs were all keen to learn how to manage the rollercoaster ride that business often presents and the guidance offered by the Guild panel delivered practical ideas and insight into how to best navigate their way forward. It was a very engaging and enjoyable evening. As the Guild continues to develop its relationship with the Trampery and as well build its Outreach reputation in the City, this event was demonstrative of how experience can assist ambition and as we continue to cement our position as the City’s latest addition to its rich tapestry of Livery, how we can play our own role in its continuing evolution.”

Looking ahead to further Outreach support Judy concluded that for the Trampery, “the Guild via Outreach, will continue to support the Pathways programme and deliver the same/similar talk to each new cohort as the programme rolls out over the next few years. It would be amazing if you would put yourself forward to join the panel for a future one.”

Getting Involved

Taking the Trampery work as an example, there is demonstrably much that the Guild and its Freemen can do to assist foster entrepreneurialism across its widest diversity, irrespective of age, gender, background or ambition.

Nascent entrepreneurs value above all else is access to a business mentor and with our own diversity of Freemen, we all have the gift of assisting them with making the best first connections to set them on the right paths to their own success.

Every one of us can get involved. We would therefore urge anyone interested in being involved in any of the Outreach or Education programmes we are supporting, including becoming a mentor to contact Judy Hadden (Outreach), Nicola Manning (Education) or our Clerk Duncan Simms to find out more.