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Five New Freemen Admitted

Following the April Court Meeting, held at the London Capital Club on Thursday 27th April, a Ceremonial Court was convened in the Club’s Board Room to formally admit five Freemen Elect to the Freedom of the Guild.

(L-R pictured with the Wardens and Clerk) Amy McManus, Dave Pay, Emily Miller, Tony Harrison and Anand Verma

The Senior Warden, Alderman Peter Hewitt, oversaw the admission of Tony Harrison, Amy McManus, Emily Miller, Dave Pay and Anand Verma to the Freedom in a cheerful ceremony, punctuated with one or two wry smiles at the more adventurous of the Freemen’s entrepreneurial credentials. The Freemen made their pledge and declaration boldly, before signing the Freedom Register and being presented individually with certificates recording their Freedom.

The Senior Warden spoke briefly to congratulate all the new Freemen, and to exhort them to participate to the fullest extent in the fellowship of the Guild. The new Freemen were, he said, the newest in the rich and lengthy history of the City’s Guilds and Livery Companies, and he looked ahead to the centuries of tradition that were to follow.

More immediately, the Senior Warden concluded, there were the traditions of the Appreciation Supper awaiting the Freemen and their guests at Guildhall, and he closed the Court smartly in anticipation of the reception and supper that customary follows the April Court.

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