Election of New Court Assistants

The governing body of the Guild of Entrepreneurs is its Court, which comprises the Master, Wardens, Past Masters, Treasurer and between 6 and 20 Freemen who are known as Court Assistants.

On Friday 25th September, the following were elected to serve as Court Assistants from 24th November 2020:

  • Freeman David Barker
  • Founder Freeman Elizabeth Hunt
  • Freeman the Lord Leigh of Hurley
  • Freeman Christine Nicholson
  • Founding Freeman Neil Partridge
  • Freeman Andrew Pullman

The Master applauded the enthusiasm and interest of all Freemen who had expressed an interest in the role of Court Assistant, and looked forward to witnessing the swearing-in of these new Court Assistants at the Installation Court.

Notes: A Court Assistant is a junior member of the governing body of the Guild of Entrepreneurs. Court Assistants are customarily elected annually in September, and sworn-in by the new Master at the Installation Court in November. Any Freeman in good standing may be elected to the Court. Court Assistants serve for up to 5 years. Only members of the Court may be elected as Warden or as Master.

For more information about the work of the Court, please contact the Clerk.

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