Election Court Results 2020

At the Election Court, held on Thursday 11th June 2020 by virtual presence, the following were elected to serve from 24th November, 2020:

As Master Entrepreneur :    Lars Bendik Andersen

As Senior Warden :              Judy Hadden

As Middle Warden :              Gary Dixon

As Junior Warden :               Mark Norman Huxley

The Master, Mr Rick Lowe, led the Court in congratulating the Master and Wardens Elect, and wished them every success in their new roles from November. The Master also encouraged Freemen Entrepreneurs to write to the Clerk to express their interest in serving as Court Assistants from November.

Notes: The Master and Wardens of the Guild of Entrepreneurs are elected by the Court annually in June/July, to serve from the Installation Court (on or around 24th November later that year). Any member of the Court is eligible for election, though, by convention, the Junior, Middle and Senior Wardens are elected to the next highest role, and a new Junior Warden is elected from amongst the Court Assistants.

Every year, the September Court elects a number of Freemen as Court Assistants to serve from the Installation Court. More details are available from the Clerk.

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