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Defence Academy Meeting July 2017

On Thursday 27th July, the Middle Warden, Lee Robertson, spearheaded a delegation from the Guild of Entrepreneurs on a visit to the Defence Academy site at Shrivenham.

The Defence Academy is the Guild’s military affiliate, and, following the signing of the article of affiliation in March this year, this visit was intended to strengthen the relationship and build on a number of ideas for partnership over the coming years.


The illuminated certificate commemorating the Affiliation

© Jonathan Cherry

The day began with a presentation on the organisational structure and overview of the work of the Defence Academy before a series of tours of the key areas of the Shrivenham site. Of particular interest were the Joint Services Command and Staff College, and the state-of-the-art Heaviside lecture and academic workshop facilities. No visit to a military installation could have been complete without a review of some hardware, and the group was given a whistle-stop tour of the Defence Academy’s demonstration tanks and armaments, which included simulation equipment for aviation and combat training.


Lunch was enjoyed in the imposing surroundings of Beckett House (built in 1831, in the Tudor-Gothic revival style, it is the oldest of the buildings still in regular use on the site), before the main meeting of the day. The group capitalised on some rare sunshine for photographs just before the day’s visit concluded.

L to R: Joanne Hamer (UKDA Head of Business Development), Freeman Larry Watson, the Junior Warden, the Clerk, Vice Admiral Duncan Potts CB (UKDA Director-General), the Master, the Middle Warden, Captain Simon Carter RN (UKDA Deputy Head of the Business Skills College)

© The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Representatives of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom are a familiar sight at the Guild’s formal events, and it was a great privilege for the Guild to enjoy this reciprocal visit. The presentations and tours were highly informative, the lunch good, and the discussions very productive. Key decisions concerning support and joint activities will now be taken and Freemen Entrepreneurs can look forward to opportunities to give and to receive support from the Guild’s military affiliate over the coming year and beyond.


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