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Dauphine University (London) – Why Mentoring? Talk to 3rd Year students studying Economics and Management

On the evening of 6th February, Freeman Paddy Willis was invited to address the 3rd year students from Paris’s prestigious Dauphine University who are spending a year studying here in London.

The theme was “Why Mentoring?” Having mentored well over 100 start-up founders and building a mentor programme for Bathtub 2 Boardroom’s not for profit incubator, Paddy was happy to share a wealth of experience on the value to be had from having access to a mentor during one’s working career. The seventeen students in the audience were just embarking on their first experience of working with a mentor, in this case drawn from the London-based alumni of the University (and several of whom were in the room).

Hopefully they now have some insights to work with and the confidence to approach the programme as a helpful step towards joining the workforce.

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