Cracking Lockdown Grommit…

Cheeseboard © Duncan Simms

Life under COVID has presented many an opportunity to enjoy what would have been physical events, virtually. From a Livery perspective, this has created more opportunities to enjoy the fellowship that is so important to us, both within our own Companies and with others. Recently the Company of Entrepreneurs was invited to join their good friends at the Worshipful Company of Woolmen for an evening of cheese tasting – and there was enormous enthusiasm!

With a jam-packed Zoom screen this was perhaps more unique than others in the Huxley household, as Jo, a liverywoman and member of the Woolmen’s Livery Committee played host to her husband Mark, Junior Warden at the Entrepreneurs.

Together in the same room they along with everyone else tuned in to join Rennet & Rind’s certified MonS Affineur, Perry Wakeman. Perry currently holds the highest certification possible with the Academy of Cheese and is a regular contributor to the Academy’s curriculum. He judged at the World Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway in 2018 and again the following year in Bergamo as a Captain Judge. A man who clearly knows his way around a cheese round.

Armed with a good range of some of the finest examples of UK produced artisan cheeses, the proceeding hour saw Perry take an enthralled audience along a journey giving the back story of each producer, how Rennet & Rind mature their cheeses to be ready for them to sell at their optimum, how to best understand each of them and more importantly how best to enjoy them. With a hugely curious audience there were lots of questions asked along the way and wonderfully insightful answers given by Perry. I think it is fair to say that by the end of session everyone had learned much and bookmarked Rennet & Rind as their go-to cheese purveyor.

Those attending then spent an enjoyable hour afterwards being randomly placed in Zoom’s breakout rooms where Entrepreneurs and Woolmen spent time together enjoying true Livery fun and fellowship. As a hugely successful evening drew to a close, thanks were given to the two Duncans, Crole and Simms; Clerks at the Woolmen and Entrepreneurs respectively for their great organisation and from a bit of follow up it is clear Rennet & Rind gained many new customers and some that attended have gone on to set up their own tastings. This including the Huxleys, who will be celebrating Jo’s upcoming Birthday with a private tasting.

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