Coronavirus COVID-19

The Guild of Entrepreneurs takes the wellbeing of its Freemen and guests very seriously, and, in light of updated official guidance regarding COVID 19, has cancelled all its March and April events. The Master, Wardens and I are very grateful indeed to our caterers and venues for having taken so generous a stance during this hugely disruptive period. Full refunds have been issued for paid-for events, and, where possible, individual cancellation notices have been sent to every ticketholder. I am especially grateful to Freemen Entrepreneurs for their forbearance as the situation has developed.

Whilst it is not yet known how long restrictions will apply to social gatherings and travel, contingencies are being put in place to allow the Guild’s administration, Court, Committee and Trustee Board meetings to continue with as little disruption as possible. Freemen are asked to contact Committee Chairmen for updates on specific meetings, or to contact the Clerk’s Office for more details regarding Court/Trust meetings and Great Events.

A few notices:

  • The Entrepreneurs’ social media channels are all very active, and Freemen are encouraged to make full use of these platforms during these restricted months to engage and socialise.
  • If you would like to donate to the Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust (a fund to relieve financial hardship, as well as to support business education and enterprise skills), please visit

Further updates will follow. Please remain up to date with the latest official advice, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns relating to the City of London.

Duncan Simms


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