The Entrepreneurs and the Air Mobility Force

The Livery Companies of the City of London have for centuries supported and equipped the Armed Forces. Modern affiliations between Livery Companies and military units emphasise new ways in which support and skills can be shared. On 5th October 2021 a deputation from the Company of Entrepreneurs visited RAF Brize Norton to formally present commemorative certificates of affiliation to the Air Mobility Force and to learn more about the work of this pivotal air asset.

Capable and resourceful, the RAF’s Air Mobility Force (AMF) moves fuel, equipment and personnel around the globe in support of Defence operations. The work of the AMF to respond quickly and generously to emerging situations all over the world had been put to the test just weeks earlier during the evacuation of Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, and the visitors were humbled to be able to step inside the very aircraft that had played such a public role. A showcase of Brize Norton’s facilities and equipment then followed, which included full-scale simulators of aircraft for training as well as vehicles being prepared for deployment. The size and scale of many of the aircraft was astonishing, and the visitors learned much about the innovative modifications that had been developed to enhance the Force’s already impressive capabilities.

The history, too, of the Station and its resident Air Force units had been carefully curated, and there was much to learn about the growth and development of over 100 years of air power and technology.

The Deputy Force Commander, Group Captain Lee Roberts, spoke warmly in welcome to the Master, to underline the scale of the AMF enterprise, and to praise the spirit of the affiliation. Sharing such entrepreneurial disciplines as resourcefulness and responsiveness (alongside an enviable reputation for logistical foresight and careful anticipation) the AMF and the Company of Entrepreneurs had much in common.

“It was my pleasure, on behalf of the Air Mobility Force Headquarters, to welcome representatives of the Company of Entrepreneurs to RAF Brize Norton and to celebrate the recent affiliation between the Company and the Force. With our shared principles of service, professional excellence and innovation, we will undoubtedly enjoy a sustained and productive relationship with significant scope for mutual growth. My team and I enjoyed discussing the broad capabilities and activities of the Air Mobility Force with a receptive audience who asked informed questions, having so recently witnessed one facet of our role in our recovery of some 15,000 entitled persons from Kabul Airfield in Afghanistan. I look forward to continually developing this bond going forward and to fostering our common goals and values, having quickly discovered how many we share.”

Whether leading or supporting, the AMF is an internationally-recognised model of excellence, and Freemen Entrepreneurs are looking forward enormously to supporting the team at Brize Norton and to sharing in the skill and success of their newest affiliate.

NOTES: Recognising the shared value of entrepreneurship in both business and defence, the Company of Entrepreneurs has three military affiliations: the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office, and the RAF Air Mobility Force. It shares the knowledge and skills of Freemen Entrepreneurs with military and civilian personnel, as well as supporting prizes in enterprise and innovation. The Company of Entrepreneurs offers hospitality and fellowship to its partners in Defence, in acknowledgement of both the historical and contemporary roles that the City of London plays in support of the Armed Forces.

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