City Elections 2017

Freemen of the Guild of Entrepreneurs are celebrating following successes in the City Elections on Thursday 23rd March, 2017.


picture © Jonathan Hill

Founder Freeman Ruby Sayed (pictured with the Clerk) has been elected as one of 10 Common Councilmen in the Ward of Farringdon Without. This is the first time that Ruby has stood as a candidate and she is delighted to have been returned in a landslide victory for candidates on the Temple and Farringdon Together ticket.

Freeman John Chapman has been re-elected as one of 3 Common Councilmen in the Ward of Langbourn. An Independent candidate, John has been a Common Councilman for over a decade, and is Deputy for the Ward.

Congratulations to both Ruby and John, and the Guild wishes them every success in their roles.



picture by Chemical Engineer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


In the Guild’s home Ward of Candlewick, the two sitting Common Councilmen (James de Sausmarez and Kevin Everett) were decisively returned.

A full list of results is

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