Outreach and Education

These two Committees are responsible for devising and maintaining the Guild’s practical programme of entrepreneurship education, mentoring and leadership.

The Guild is forging strong links with numerous organisations among which the principal partnerships are:





Freemen Entrepreneurs from a whole range of backgrounds and experiences are engaged in activities to promote and sustain entrepreneurship as a professional and academic discipline.

Freemen Entrepreneurs are encouraged to support the Committee, and all suggestions and offers of assistance are very welcome.

More details about the work of the Outreach and Education Committees are available from the Chairs


The Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust (Registered Charity 1166513)

In keeping with the charitable obligations of the City of London’s Livery Companies, the Guild of Entrepreneurs is looking ahead to an ambitious and substantial programme of charitable works, for which the Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust has been established. Predominantly, the focus is on financing charities and projects that support the development of entrepreneurs and help to bring the opportunities of entrepreneurship to young people.


The Trust is still raising capital hard, and any donation, great or small, helps to build the fund that will, in the next few years, begin to provide a sustainable income for the Guild’s charitable activities. The first small grants from the Trust are likely to be made in 2018.

The growth of the Guild’s Charitable Trust is also an essential component of the progression of the Guild towards Company, and then to Livery Company status within the City of London. The growth of the Trust therefore directly prospers the development of the Guild in addition to its aims for entrepreneurship education and support.

Donating to the Trust is a core commitment of all Freemen Entrepreneurs. Download a GiftAid form at Charity-Gift-Aid-Declaration-multiple-donation-BACS sign it and return it to the Clerk in order to boost the value of your donation.

If you would like to begin or increase your donations to the Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust, or are considering a fund-raising activity, please contact the Clerk.

The Trustee Board welcomes applications from potential beneficiaries.

Full details (hard copy only please) should be sent for the attention of the Trustee Board, c/o the Clerk:

The Guild of Entrepreneurs Trust, 15 Abchurch Lane, London, EC4N 7BW

For more details on On The Guild Of Entrepreneurs Trust please click here