Call for Freemen Volunteers at Roedean School

As you may know, the Guild partnership with Roedean School continues to grow, and the Guild’s newly-purposed Education Committee is now looking for more volunteers from amongst the Freemen to assist in developing this affiliation. Not only do these projects represent terrific opportunities to really give something back, they also strengthen the Guild’s reputation as it works towards progression to Livery

ROEDEAN SCHOOL ENTERPRISE DEPARTMENT continues to go from strength to strength with a record number of pupils taking business studies as a curriculum/examined subject.

Roedean’s Finance Director Richard Poffley writes as follows:


The Roedean Guild of Entrepreneurs Partnership has now been in existence for nearly two years and was founded through the dedicated work of Nicola Manning and the team at Roedean in order to enable the pupils at the School to have greater exposure to the world of business, and to hear real life stories and learn from a highly-skilled group of professionals in order to prepare the students for the business world.  Like many of the successful businesses run by the Guild members, Roedean is going from strength to strength and opened its doors in September to the largest number of pupils ever to attend the School.

The events have ranged from two highly successful seminars at the School with the Guild members giving up much of their valuable time to come and talk to the girls, and involvement in the Young Enterprise Activity.  This has laid strong foundations for a lasting partnership and we now wish to move to the next exciting phase to expand the opportunities across all age ranges.

Strategically we are looking at ways in which both the Guild and the School can mutually benefit from this arrangement and future plans will include:

–          Future events expanding to involve other schools (including state schools)

–          Workshops and careers events to involve further members from the Guild

–          Opportunities for the Guild to promote themselves in Roedean publicity

–          Creating opportunities for the staff and parents to meet the Guild and thus enabling business opportunities.

–          Business Club forum at the School to exchange ideas


Plans will develop further over the coming months and Roedean looks forward to sharing specific data and opportunities for members in the near future.

Here are the first two projects with which the school has asked for assistance from the Guild of Entrepreneurs:


Steve Low, Head of Enterprise at Roedean, has asked for Freemen to assist him to give a more “reality” based slant to his business studies classes over the next two terms, coming into the classroom with your specialist experience and helping to bring the subject to life.

The sessions will be at the school in Brighton and will last around 20-50 minutes each.

Steve is particularly looking for Freemen with the following specialist knowledge:

  • Legal – i.e. different types of business structures/shares/shareholders
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Management and Leadership styles/decisions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Ethics
  • Economic change/external environment impact
  • How social environment influences business strategy
  • Impact of technology in business
  • Strategic direction/positioning
  • Business growth (mergers/takeovers)
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Managing change
  • Organisational culture.

If this is within your specialist reach and you would be keen to help our education partner to bring the business studies subjects alive for the Roedean pupils, will you please register your interest with the Clerk and you will then be contacted direct by Mr Low who will talk through individually with volunteers, how best you and he would like the exercise to proceed.



On Tuesday 14th November 2017, 3 members of Roedean staff are bringing 23 A-level business studies pupils to London to visit the brands and packaging museum and have a few extra hours to spare which if at all possible, they would like to spend visiting a Freeman’s business in operation or to do a workshop with them, etc.

Would any London business-based Freeman be amenable to helping the students in this way please?  Let the Clerk know.


If you are able to offer your time and expertise to either of these opportunities, please send The Clerk  – a quick email outlining what help (in principle) you are able to give.


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